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AD80 Analog Delay
AD900 Analog Delay (V-Series)
AD999 Analog Delay (V-Series)
Analog Chorus
Bass Balls USA
Bass Effects
BB2 Bottom Blaster for Bass
BE2 Bottom Equalizer for Bass
Big Muff Pi USA
BL2 Bottom Limiter for Bass
BR2 Bottom Wah Rocker for Bass
Chorus and Delay
CS505 Stereo Chorus
CS550 Stereo Chorus (V-Series)
Deluxe Electric Mistress
Deluxe Memory Man
Distortion, Overdrive and Fuzz
Doctor Q
DS2 Distortion & Sustainer II
DS830 Distortion Master
Effects by Manufacturer
Effects Pedals by Type
FL3 Flanger
FL301 Flanger
Guitar Pedal Links
HD2 Harmonic Distortion
Holy Grail
Hot Tubes Overdrive
Jekyll and Hyde
MC3 Micro Chorus
MD3 Micro Digital Delay
ME2 Micro Equalizer
Micro Synthesizer
Micro Vibe
Mini Qtron
MMX Flip Metal Monster
OD2 Over Drive
OD808 Overdrive
OD820 Over Drive Pro
PH350 Rotary Phaser
Phase, Flange, and Pitch Shift
Press Release for April 9, 2001
Press Releases
PT999 Phase Tone
Route 66
SD2 Sustainer D
Small Clone Full Chorus
Small Stone Phase Shifter USA
Solutions to common problems at Buzzfox
Sonic Tools
Sparkle Drive
ST2 Compression Sustainer
SV2 Slow Volume
The Worm
Tube Zipper
TZ2 The Fuzz Guitar Pedal
Vintage Tremolo
Visual Sound
Voodoo Lab
VT3 Vintage Tremolo
Wah and Tremolo
Woolly Mammoth

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